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Off-air recording

Off-air recording otherwise known as compliance recording or 24/7 recording, this is a service that we offer to channels that broadcast on both Digital terrestrial TV or Satellite TV in the UK.

Our system records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either recording the live MPEG programme stream or captured from a digital set top box, and stores the recording for 60 consecutive days in digital format, we’re able to deliver digital copies fully timestamped and branded with the channel name in MPEG or MP4 format, (other formats available by prior agreement) we can deliver directly to your FTP server or alternatively use a delivery service such as dropbox,

We have offered this service singe 2009 and have long term clients that are extremely happy with the service and delivery.

Our system has resilience built in and is located at two disparate locations to help eliminate issues such as local blackout, severe weather and power outages.